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A Life in Progress

Caribbean Cruise
God's Treasure
Passion '05
Caribbean Cruise
'04 Lake Tahoe
Yosemite Trip

          The Caribbean cruise that I went to in the summer of ’04 was the first cruise I’ve ever been on. My own family joined two of my uncles' families on the cruise. Our island visitation routine was to visit an island and hire a guide to drive us around and roam the island. All the islands that we’ve visited were pretty much the same, scenic views with lots of plant life, but the two islands that I’ve enjoyed the most were St. Thomas and Curacao. Curacao was the island were I’ve scuba dived for the first time and St. Thomas was where we snuba dived. Below are pictures that are links to the two islands I've mentioned and the Princess Cruise Ship.

Cruise Ship
Princess Cruise Ship

Scuba Diving in Curacao

Misc. Pictures and St. Thomas
Misc. Cruise Pictures and St. Thomas