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HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and it's the best lighting system that you can have for your vehicle. HIDs create light as a discharge from the arc struck between two electrodes when high voltage is passed between them in a sealed chamber filled mostly with Xenon gas, emanating light that is three times the intensity of halogen bulbs while using only a fraction of the power. HIDs last up to ten times longer than halogen bulbs because of the low power needed to function and the lack of a filament.

There are many aftermarket HID kits available today, but most of them aren't street legal because the HID light source is placed in the stock reflector unit, which is designed for halogen bulbs. This will give a lot of light, but it won't be properly dispersed and it may end up blinding oncoming traffic.

The Xenarc HID X1010 Auxiliary Low Beam Kit that I've installed is completely street legal, dispersing the light evenly without blinding oncoming traffic and most importantly, the Highway Patrol. The kit produces only 2,600 lumens compared to the approximately 3,200 lumens that cars equipped with HID from the factory produce. However, it's still considerably more than the 700-1000 lumens halogen bulbs produce. The low lumen count may have been necessary to keep the kit street legal, since the kit is designed to coincide with your halogen low beams.

The kit produces a color temperature of 5,400 K, which is the maximum street legal limit. This high color temperature is designed to blend with the yellowish color of the halogen bulbs, creating a color temperature of factory HID systems.

           The difference that the HID kit makes is evident in the following pictures. The increase in color temperature, lumens, and lateral coverage shows how beneficial this kit can be while driving in roads with low visibility and twisty, dark canyon roads, bringing into focus everything in your path.

PIAA Superwhite Halogens




PIAA Superwhite Halogens w/ HID Low Beam Kit