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A Life in Progress

God's Treasure
Passion '05
Caribbean Cruise
'04 Lake Tahoe
Yosemite Trip
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The Heights' Profile

My desire is to bring glory to Jesus Christ in the joy of serving Him. Each day brings new struggles- It's A Life In Progress...

Welcome to my homepage. It's brought to you by the life of Sherwin Uy, and through the support of viewers like you. Feel free to post comments in the forum below, and if you're a first time visitor, in the guestbook in the bottom of the page. It's through your generous donations of comments that keep this site running.

In a day and age where society is yearning for unequivocal truth, God is there to answer. Let us be a generation that seeks Him, for in Him we will never thirst again.

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Posted pictures from Stewart's 16th birthday and of the recent coffee house at FEC Glendale in the forum.
Posted some pictures of Fresh '05 in the forum. I still have to post the pictures from the family trip to Europe. Hopefully they'll be ready soon.
I posted some pictures from a recent BMW meet I went to and a few pictures of a praying mantis I saw at my apartment in the forum.
Updated pictures of my new M-technik bumper in the BMV section.
Be sure to come by FEC Glendale on June 3rd for the "Shout Unto God" Praise Night. It's just going to be a casual night where we can come to God openly and worship. It's going to take place in the Auxiliary Chapel, so try to show up by 7:00pm. Snacks will be available after the praise night, so feel free to invite friends!
A short review in the BMV section was added for the new BFGoodrich T/A KD tires that I've recently installed.
I posted some pictures in the forum of the Hillsong '05 concert that was held at a church called The Rock, which is a very nice church in terms of its construction. The concert hall was professionally built, and they even had a camera that hovered above the crowd just like a concert at a huge venue. Anyway, the concert was great and I even have some video clips that I have saved from there. I saved parts of the songs "One Way" and "Salvation Is Here." IM me if you want me to send them to you.

At 1:00am on the 60 east, a bunny tried to run across the freeway while I was driving to Riverside. I literally had one second to react after seeing the bunny, so I couldn't avoid hitting it. Unfortunately for the bunny, I was traveling around 80-85 mph at the time and the bunny instantly exploded on impact. I looked at my side mirror and I saw pieces of the bunny scattering across the freeway.
Worried about the damage and mess on my car, I examined my car immediately after reaching my apartment. It turns out the rabbit hit a metal plate underneath my car, and now there is blood, guts, and fur on the metal plate and wheel well. I'm glad that the bunny didn't damage any suspension parts and that the bunny didn't suffer. I've posted pictures in the forum, so view them if a little blood doesn't bother you.
I've written a short summary of the things I've learned from John Piper and Erwin McManus called God's Treasure. It's about how God treasures His own glory above all else, and how His love is shown to us by allowing us to be part of His glory.
Happy Birthday DD! I've updated the BMV page with info and pictures about my new GruppeM Carbon Fiber Intake.

Today is the first day to register for Passion '06. The $99 registration fee for the first 500 people to register have already been sold out within hours of the opening of registration, and I didn't even get a chance to get in on that. You can still pay $129 for the registration fee by Sept 1st or $149 by Dec 1st. Pre-registration closes at Dec 1st and the only way you can register then is at the conference on Jan 2nd, and it'll cost you $169. There's still time to save some money- register before Sept 1st! 


Along that note, I came across an article from the site about Passion '05. Amber North, the author of the article, interviewed Stephen while we were walking down the street in downtown Nashville. It's pretty funny seeing a reference to my brother in a public news site. Now he's famous!
Practically two months after the event, I finally wrote about the Passion ’05 conference in Nashville, Tennessee. This conference helped me gain insight of God’s renown and helped me gain a new perspective on how to live my life for the glory of God.
Philo was gracious enough to give me a link to a German band called TribU2. They're a band consisting of guys that dress exactly like U2 and sing their songs out of dedication to them. Before even hearing or seeing TribU2, I was already cringing at their band name pun. There are pictures, mp3 samples, and video clips of TribU2 on their website, so proceed with caution.
Philo also gave me a picture Lil' John's High School picture.
How to turn an NSX into a Ferrari F50.
I came across some wonderful motor shots of the upcoming E60 M5.
Stephen gave me a link to this cool Golf GTI Commercial.
New pictures found in the "BMV" section. I've added some pictures of my dad's E60 545i SMG and of my new OEM clear corners.
I finally found time to post pictures that I've taken from the Caribbean Cruise our family went to in the summer. They're all in the "Caribbean Cruise" section.
Posted a few pictures from the Lake Tahoe trip I just went to in the "04 Lake Tahoe" section. A couple new mod pictures are posted in the "BMV" section.


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